Wearable Art Mandurah 2019



In 2019 the competition was in full swing. Alongside the Judging, Showcase and Exhibition events, Wearable Art Mandurah was also featured in a special Bridge Walk activation at the Mandurah Arts Festival in November.


See below more detailed information about the competition.

2019 competition

Judging 2019

The Judging event took place on 23 March and 6 April at the Mandurah Performing Arts Centre. 

57 garments were presented in 5 categories: Avant Garde | Movement | A Land Down Under | Youth | Tertiary 

Each garment was presented on a model with professional hair, makeup and photography.


The 2019 judges were: 

Aly May | Paul O’Connor | Lisa Piller | Mariella Harvey-Hanrahan | Angela Ferolla | Ashley Hay | Gillian-Kaye Peebles | Carolyn Chard


Garments featured in the Judging 2019 gallery are:

Kiana & Tyler Murphy; Imagine | Teddy McRitchie; In Bloom | Catherine Shepherd; Voyage of the Ancestor | Grace Nucifora; The Seventh Star

Showcase 2019

The 2019 Wearable Art Mandurah Showcase featured two performances over 15 – 16 June at Mandurah Performing Arts Centre.

The Showcase was creatively directed and choreographed by Bernie Bernard, who brought together music, dance and modelling to present a vibrant and entertaining performance.

A full showcase program including all showcase garments is available here.


The 2019 winners were:

Avant Garde – Stephanie Munro – Just Breathe | Movement – Ardea Murphy – Regeneration | A Land Down Under – Meagan Howe – Mourning Birds | Youth – Teddy McRitchie – In Bloom | Tertiary – April Richards – Gaudy Masked Dress | Artist of the Year – Jacq Chorlton – Il Etait Une Fois | International Award – Antoaneta Tica – Icy Willow | Taftainc. Award – Jacqueline Gibson – Suburban Slendour | Creative Reuse – Lyn Blasgund – X-Ray Vision | First-time Entrant – Marie Wright & Taralee Freeman – Morte | Gillian-Kaye Peebles Youth Award – Catherine Shepherd – Voyage of the Ancestor | Powertex Award – Alana Grant, Ruby Vale – Bowerbird’s Blues | Tertiary Student Highly Commended – Nasrin Qasemi – Coral



Artistic Director – Bernie Bernard | Production Management – Lux Events | Choreographers – Bernie Bernard, Tash Kennedy, Cindylee Godley | Lighting Design – Mark D’Arcy | Video and Creative – Marcin Oleszkiewicz | Set Design – Lux Events | West Australian Opera Singers – Soprano – Pia Harris, Mezzo Soprano – Brigitte Heuser | Stage Management – Ciaran McCormack | Backstage Manager – Michelle Boylan | Backstage Volunteer – Michelle Kite | Wardrobe Manager – Sacha Mahboub | Wardrobe Assistant – Julie Smith | Styling Hair and Make-up – Onyx Hair and Beauty | Presentation Flowers – South Metropolitan TAFE | Showcase Program Photography – Stephen Heath | Photography Creative Concepts and Styling – Michelle Boylan, Dean Phillips


ManPAC | Seashells Mandurah | Taftainc. | Gillian-Kaye Peebles | West Australian Opera | Onyx Hair & Beauty | Powertex | Bendigo Bank | Reading Cinema | Metro Modelling & Dance Academy


The garments featured in the Showcase 2019 gallery are:

 Grace Nucifora; The Seventh Star | Diana Kelly; Miss Margaret’s Marvellous Adventures | Julie Smith; Searching the Sea | Stephanie Munro; Just Breathe | Morte – an Australian Bunyip; Marie Wright and Taralee Freeman | The Golden Herald; Jill Perry

Additional photos below featuring the 2019 Mandurah Arts Festival Bridge Walk event.

Exhibition 2019

The Wearable Art Mandurah Exhibition was held from 9 August – 22 September.

For the first time, Contemporary Art Spaces Mandurah was transformed for the exhibition, with industrial scaffolding and rotating devices to present the garments from different and unique perspectives. The exhibition also featured touch boards and audio descriptions for audience members who are blind or have low vision. 

A full exhibition program including all showcase garments is available here.


The garments featured in the exhibition gallery are:

The Golden Herald; Jill Perry | Miss Margaret’s Marvellous Adventures; Diana Kelly | Broome Time; Jo Ireland | Morte – an Australian Bunyip; Marie Wright and Taralee Freeman