Common Threads Wearable Art 2016


In 2016 Common Threads Wearable Art featured new and exciting initiatives, including a promotional photo shoot held on location in some of Mandurah’s most iconic spots.


See below more detailed information about judging, showcase and exhibition.




2016 competition


56 garments submitted in 4 categories with the theme “Illumination”Avant Garde | Sculptural | Colour Palette | Youth | CT Artist of the Year | Creative Reuse | First Time Entrant

At judging each garment was presented to an expert panel of judges, who evaluated on a set of judging criteria to determine category and special prize winners. Professional models were provided, and each garment was styled and photographed.

The sold out showcase took place on 7 May at the Mandurah Performing Arts Centre. For the first time a Common Threads Wearable Art designer corner was set up, an opportunity for designers to set up in the foyer of the Mandurah Performing Arts centre, showing their wearable art and doing mini demonstrations. See a full showcase program here.

The exhibition was held from 3 June until 3 July at Contemporary Art Spaces Mandurah, presenting an opportunity to see the garments up close. A second exhibition was held at the Art and Craft Fair at the Claremont Showgrounds.


The 2016 winners were:

Avant Garde:  Sherr Bottell; Pele’s Glow | Sculptural:  Rosy Chalklen; Pillar of Salt | Colour Palette: Jacq Chorlton; A Dress to im’press’ | Youth: Catherine Kelly; The Secret Garden | CTWA – Artist of the Year: Lisbeth Wah; Set your Light FreeCreative Reuse: Deb Hiller & Cathie Cresswell; Cog-nitive BeautyFirst-time Entrant: Fiona Harper-Harwood; Native SpiritGillian-Kaye Peebles Youth Award: Lexie Sleet; Night Wolf

Highly Commended: Sue Smorthwait; A Bright IdeaHighly Commended First Time Entrant: Diana Kelly; LightHighly Commended Youth: Britney Loney; MissBehaviour

The 2016 judges were:

Aly May | Lesley Wilkinson | Kerry Gelmi | Svenja | Shane Pavlinovich


Artistic Director: Helen Duncan | Production Management: Creative Behaviours | Professional Performers: Sofie Burgoyne, Emily Malone, Rosie Osmond, Tyrone Robinson, Katya Kokov, Tarryn Runkell | Choreographer:  Laura Boynes | Musician: Tristen Parr & Aidan Boase | Lighting Design: Joe Lui | Set Design: James Higgins | Stage Management: Laura Boynes | Back Stage Management: Leah O’Brien | Wardrobe: Liz Ford, Deidre Robb, Giorgia Santacaterina, Cindy Wright | Production Assistants: Emma Craig, Robyn Duncan, Troy Leenards, Abigail Thomas | Official Photography: Travis Hayto | Presentation Flowers: Kez Wickham St George | Styling Hair and Make-up: Duvah Tinania and Onyx Hair and Beauty Crew | Artwork Design: City of Mandurah Marketing Team


Act-Belong-Commit | HealthWay | MANPAC | AvalonSailCo |The Sebel | Travis Hayto | Reading Cinemas | Metro Modelling & Dance Academy Advance


Garments featured in the 2016 gallery are:

Hope Lights the Way;  Julie Smith | Refraction;  Ability Art | Cog nitive Beauty;  Cathie Cresswell and Deb Hiller