Revolutionary Works of Art On The Body

Showcase 9-10 June 2018 | Mandurah

Wearable Art Mandurah

Bold. Evocative. Experimental.

Wearable Art Mandurah encourages new ways of viewing the world through thought-provoking works of art for the body.

Recently named Western Australia’s top tourism town, the lid has been lifted on Mandurah’s artistic and cultural treasure trove and Wearable Art Mandurah is one of the city’s most engaging artistic attractions.

Wearable Art Mandurah, is forging a name for itself internationally and winning awards along the way. The premier event of its kind in Australia, it now attracts entrants from across the world.

More than a competition, it builds capacity through workshops, showcase events and exhibitions of works.

Stories are shared, connections formed and skills developed through participants’ creation and presentation of wearable art. The Wearable Art Mandurah team supports and encourages participants throughout the entire design, creation, judging and presentation process.

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2017 Wearable Art Winners

2017: Boab by Marie Gallin and Jude Tupman

Marie Gallin and Jude Tupman


Australia’s flora and fauna are so important to past and present cultures. Boab represents both the natural beauty of our wildlife, and the need to respect land and culture. Embellished with twigs, nuts, feathers, nest and bark from the forest, Boab also incorporates recycled cans, plastic bottles and furniture packing.

2017: Icarus Rising by Helen Coleman

Helen Coleman

'Icarus Rising'

Icarus Rising pays homage to man’s age-old dream to defy gravity and fly. The graceful frame is inspired by Da Vinci’s flying machine, while the handmade albatross flight feathers dipped in beeswax remind us of the Greek legend of Icarus.

Powertex gives the illusion of ancient bone, as though Icarus is once again flying to freedom on waxed wings.

2017: Coral Bleaching by Val Hornibrook

Val Hornibrook

'Coral Bleaching'

The impact of prolonged rising water temperatures and the corals inability to cope, it expels the living algae in its tissues, causes it to turn completely white which results in what is known as coral bleaching.

Award presented by The Sebel Mandurah

2017: Everlasting Love by Louise-Wells

Louise Wells

'Everlasting Love?'

Our “love” of bright shiny new technology, often quickly discarded, creates everlasting landfill. Our earth continues to carry this burden of waste. In future, will it even be possible to plant flowers amongst the landfill? Or will the only flowers be made from landfill contents?

2017: Kitchen Couture by Sophie Lance

Sophie Lance

'Kitchen Couture'

The huge contrast between the bright, funky form of the rubber glove when compared to its dull, boring function inspired this piece made of items from the kitchen.

Rubber gloves, microfibre cloths, steel wool and forks were combined to ensure this housewife could never be overlooked in her kitchen couture.

Award presented by Reading Cinemas Mandurah