Revolutionary Works of Art On The Body

Wearable Art Mandurah

Bold. Evocative. Experimental.

Local, national and international artists are invited to create revolutionary works of art on the body. Wearable Art Mandurah is Australia's premier wearable art event and is inclusive to artists of all skill levels, ages and design forms, offering many opportunities.

Wearable Art Mandurah is a year-long competition and professional development program. To learn more about the 2022 competition, head to the How It Works page, or for information about our annual Showcase, click here.

About Mandurah

Mandurah, WA's largest regional city and less than an hour from Perth, is set against a backdrop of magnificent beaches and an estuary twice the size of Sydney Harbour. Originally known as Mandjoogoordap, Mandurah means 'meeting place of the heart'. Once you’ve arrived here, you fall in love with this place. Enjoy waterways for days and much more.

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2021 Wearable Art Mandurah Winners


Margarete Palz

'Oscillating Curves'

Remember marionettes can change their expressions by pulling ribbons fixed on the hands. I copied this technique. On both sleeves’ ribbons are fixed. The visible hands can pull them in different directions and change the character of the sculpture. curves have more life and oscillation. Wearable Art Mandurah Artist of the Year presented by the City of Mandurah

Oana Maria Rosca

'White Rainbow'

In these turbulent times, I think we should not be pessimistic about the future of the planet but contribute, including through fashion creations. Re-using materials is a form of recycling. That is what I did with this work. The chosen white colour brings optimism, as does the creative play with waste.

Renate Jamieson

'Bodies of Water'

Bodies of water invites the contemplation of the fragility of life and dependence on water for survival. It illustrates pathways for migration from snow-capped mountains down to vast oceans emphasising how all waterways are intricately linked. Adversity occurring in any waterway may precipitate the need for life forms to migrate or else die.    

Maddy Constable

'The Beauty of Ningaloo'

Inspired by the Ningaloo Reef, the breathtaking colours of the fish and the reef form the main components of the design. The skirt represents the reef, fish and depths of the ocean. The bodice and headdress display the beautiful blue skies with clouds and birds circling the sky.      


Philomena Hali & Monica Goodall


Dementia is an illness that takes away from the sufferer and their loved ones. It is a constant lessening of the sufferer’s world. Menos brings to the light the person behind the illness honouring their uniqueness and value. “I am still here” even though memories and abilities are fading.