Revolutionary Works of Art On The Body

Showcase 15-16 June 2019 | Mandurah

Wearable Art Mandurah

Bold. Evocative. Experimental.

Local, national and international artists are invited to create revolutionary works of art on the body. Wearable Art Mandurah is Australia’s premiere wearable art event and is inclusive to artists of all skill levels, ages and design forms, offering many opportunities:

Recently named Western Australia’s top tourism town, the lid has been lifted on Mandurah’s artistic and cultural treasure trove and Wearable Art Mandurah is one of the city’s most engaging artistic attractions.

The team support and encourage participants throughout the entire design, creation, judging and presentation process.

If you would like to volunteer for any Wearable Art Mandurah events, apply here.

2018 Wearable Art Mandurah Winners

Wild Swans winner of Tertiary Student Award

Rochelle Peries

'Wild Swans'

Inspired by the character Odette, and the intersection of her humanity and swan-form. The artist examined the interaction between the moonlight human and the sensibility, shape and form of the daytime swan. Heat treatment created a crinkled vein-like effect from discarded plastic bags. The swan-head brings Odette's character to life.

Category presented by WA Fibre & Textile Association

Morphett'e Youth Award winner 2018

Oceana Piccone


Morphett'e is constructed out of plastic bags. It revolves around the concept of gender discrimination, it is neither male nor female, it is simply a creature rebelling against conformity. A being pulled from an idealistic imagination, where boundaries don’t exist, where animals and humans are one.
Award presented by Reading Cinemas Mandurah

Metal Maiden Metallic Award winner 2018

Deb Hiller

'Metal Maiden'

This artwork uses armour to represent the strength and courage of women. The umbrella skirt indicates the shelter and protection given to others. The mirrored sphere is a reflection of the inner self hidden behind this armour. Soft pliable material was used to make it resemble metal.

Gaiascope Avant-Garde winner 2018

Larissa Murdock


Illustrating earth and the ecosystem co-existing with humankind. Exhibiting the ideal world where people merely support the fragility of biodiversity and maintain harmony in the natural world which is “infinitely less fragile than us, but fragile nonetheless”
Made from hemp paper tape, paper straws and Powertex.
Award presented by Onyx Hair & Beauty Crew

Takes Grit winner of Transformation category 2018

Elizabeth Morley

'Takes Grit'

Rocks, pounded by waves, break down to grit and sand, a grain of which can lodge in an oyster causing great discomfort. In defense, layer upon layer of nacre are secreted encasing the irritant, which in time grows to a pearl, magically transforming pain to a lustrous gem.