Common Threads Wearable Art 2015



2015 continued to see increased growth and interest in Common Threads Wearable Art. New awards, such as Artist of the Year, were offered across categories.


See below more detailed information about judging, showcase and exhibition.

2015 competition


65 garments were submitted in 5 categories with the Theme “Fabrication” :  Avant Garde | Upcycling | Sculptural | Body Art | Sculptural | Gillian Kaye Peebles Youth Award

Pre – Selection was introduced, the first round of  judging was done via photos which were submitted. The successful Pre-Selection garments  made to present for the main judging day. The garments were judged across these categories at a special judging day at Mandurah Performing Arts Centre, presented on a model with professional hair, makeup and photography.


The showcase took place on 2 May at the Mandurah Performing Arts Centre, with Helen Duncan being the artistic director for the showcase. See a full showcase program here

The exhibition was held at Contemporary Art Spaces Mandurah from 16 May until 7 June showcasing the amazing artwork up close.


The 2015 winners were:

Artist of the Year – Kerry Gelmi; Icosahedron | Avant Garde – Val Hornibrook; Creative Corrugations | Upcycling – Mayhla Howells; Aoraki/ Mt Cook – Cloud Piercer | Sculptural – Jo Bowman; Global Matriarch | Gillian-Kaye Peebles Youth Award – Amber Ponta-Churchill, Perri Reid; Tea Warrior | Body Art – Elissa Heffernan; Living Doll


The 2015 judges were:

Aly May | Lesley Wilkinson | Olga Cironis | Sue Girak | Lesley A. Marsh | Carmel Sayer


Artistic Director – Helen Duncan | Production Management – Creative Behaviours | Lighting Design – Joe Lui | Stage Management – Laura Boynes | Set Design – James Higgins | Styling Har and Make-up – Duvah Tinania and Onyx Hair and Beauty Crew | Dancers – Caitlin Eames, Anna Kallstrom, Emily Malone, Rosie Osmond | Models – Metro Modelling Academy | Official Photography – Travis Jud | Behind-the-Scenes Videography – Olivia Grace Photography & Video edits


Act-Belong-Commit | HealthWay | Alcoa | United Cinemas | Metro Modelling & Dance Academy | Tristan Jud


Garments featured in the 2015 gallery are:

Aoraki Mt Cook Cloud Piecer; Mayhla Howells | Tea Warrior; Amber Ponta Churchill and Perri Reid | McDonalds, I’m Lovin it! ; Grace Dyson | Architectural Wonder; Rosy Chalklen | Flutterby; Kiana Mews |