Pre-Selection Submission

Congratulations on completing your garment!

Step Two: Time to take a great photo, write an Artist Statement and submit it for consideration in the Pre-Selection process.

Step Two: Pre-Selection Submission

Once the window for Entries has closed, Pre-Selection Submissions open!

As soon as you’ve finished your garment, you’ll need to complete the Submission Form in order for your garment to be considered in the Pre-Selection process.

Pre-Selection Submissions are now open!

Click here to complete the submission form

Submissions close on 27 May 2022  12pm AWST for Avant Garde, Paper, Elemental and Tertiary Pairing categories.

Submissions close on 17 June 2022 12pm AWST for Tertiary and Youth categories.


Pre-Selection is the first part of the Judging process, where we decide which garments should be sent to us for in-person Judging.

In order to decide this, we take the information provided in the Pre-Selection Submission process, and provide a digital package to our Judges, who score your garments. The top scoring garments in each section will be selected to go through to the next stage in the competition.

The Judges will be using the Judging Criteria to consider your garments, so make sure you have looked at them closely!

How to Submit your Garment

Submissions are completed on an online form, which will be available on this page once Submissions have opened.

This is where you’ll tell us all about your garment, plus show us how it looks by providing photos (and even videos if you’d like!)

Here is some of the information we will be asking from you:

  • Garment name
  • Garment size (including footwear size)
  • 4 photographs of your garment (front, side, back and detail)
  • A 100-word Artist Statement
  • A 50-word Methods/Materials list
  • A 50-word combined Artist Statement/Materials list
  • Confirmation that your garment fits within the limitations in the Terms and Conditions

What happens next?

Once you’ve completed your Pre-Selection Submission, then sit back and relax! Within 2-3 weeks we will announce which designers have been successful in proceeding to the next stage of the competition – Judging!