Terms and Conditions

1. General

  1. Any entries must be safe and be free of sharp, abrasive or toxic materials that may harm models and performers.
  2. “The City” refers to the City of Mandurah.
  3. “The Artist” means the person or persons who designed the garment and whose name or names appear on the application.
  4. An “Entry” is defined as any one garment, designed by an artist and/or artistic team.
  5. “The Model” means the person or persons who demonstrate the garments. Models and performers will be provided unless there are extenuating reasons. The ultimate decision on the model will be made by the City of Mandurah and the Wearable Art Mandurah creative team.
  6. “Garment” means any entry in this competition competing for the prize money as set out and available in this competition and shall include without limitation all objects or materials associated with the garment.
  7. The Artist shall provide a royalty-free licence to the City, permitting the City to photograph and display any photographs of the Garment for promotional and marketing purposes, including commercial gain.
  8. Where the Artist of a garment consists of two or more persons, payment by the City of any prize money will be deemed to have been effected and discharged by payment to any one of the persons named in the application.
  9. Total prize money for the event is a minimum of $12,000 AUD divided across all categories and special awards. Individual amounts for each prize may vary.
  10. The City will, at its absolute discretion, determine the monetary value to be allocated to each prize.
  11. Artists are not eligible for multiple prizes. If an Artist is the highest scorer across multiple categories and/or awards, they will be deemed to win the prize of the highest value.
  12. Advertising signs or logos will not be permitted on any Garment without prior approval in writing from the City.
  13. Garments must comply with perceived standards of public decency which shall include at the very least the covering of genital areas and female
  14. Judges, in their absolute discretion and/or the City, may disqualify Artists who bring the Competition into disrepute
  15. The Artist and the City acknowledge the moral rights accorded to the Artist pursuant of the Copyright Act 1968 and nothing in these terms and conditions shall overcome any moral rights accorded to the Artist pursuant to Part IX of the Copyright Act 1968.

2. Creation

  1. It is a requirement of entry into Wearable Art Mandurah, that a designer’s garment:
    1. is an original creation;
    2. was made by the designer; and
    3. must comply with design rights and copyright guidelines, and should not infringe or pose a risk of infringing, the intellectual property rights of any third party. Guidelines can be found here: https://fal.cn/protectyourcreativity
    4. The City may determine in its absolute discretion whether a garment complies with the requirements of Clause 2. In the event that the City determines that a garment does not so comply at any stage in the competition process, including after the awards have been assigned, it may disqualify the designer and/or revoke any awards or prizes that may have been awarded or given in respect of the garment. In the event of an entry being disqualified, the prize money must be returned to the City. The City may also choose to reassign the award according to judges' scores.
  1. The designer will reimburse the City in full for all losses, liabilities, damages, expenses and costs incurred by City arising from or related to a breach of the warranties and representations given by the designer. For the avoidance of doubt, amounts that may be claimed by City from the designer include, but are not limited to the costs of investigating, defending and/or settling any action, claim or demand.

3. Garments

  1. Garments must be durable and be able to be worn up to 15 times.
  2. As shoe sizes vary and for safety reasons, shoes may be disregarded, we encourage artists to use spatterdash or 'spats'.
  3. Garments should be well balanced with weight distribution directed to the waist and shoulders.
  4. Headwear needs to be well fitted and balanced, and remain in place with movement. The maximum weight of a headpiece is 2 kg.
  5. All items the model is required to wear as part of the entry must be supplied by the designer, including visible undergarments.
  6. Any area that repeatedly makes contact with skin when moving should be padded.
  7. The Garment must not have been shown in a previous wearable art event except for the Youth and Tertiary category where this condition does not apply.
  8. Should a garment get through the judging process and be accepted for the showcase or exhibition (either in the Paper category or the Wearable Art Mandurah Exhibition that follows the showcase) the designer cannot resubmit the garment, or similar, to any other events or exhibitions within the next twelve months without the City of Mandurah’s prior approval.
  9. It is the Artist’s responsibility to insure their property. The City of Mandurah will not be made liable for any damages or loss of property throughout the competition.
  10. The City will provide a $100 AUD freight subsidy for each successful pre-selected national or international garment submission.
  11. There must be a concealed label with the entry name on the inside of each component (including accessories) to correlate with the dressing instruction form provided. Wearable Art Mandurah takes no responsibility for unlabelled garments.
  12. The dressing instruction form provided must be filled in and provided with all garments at judging.
  13. Do not use perishable materials unless properly treated. Components submitted using organic materials that may disintegrate will not be accepted.
  14. When shipping entries to Western Australia the designer is responsible for:
    1. ensuring any biological material is properly declared and meets the requirements for entry into New Zealand;
    2. establishing if any entries using animal or plant product comply with the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES); and paying any additional fees or customs charges that may be incurred.
  15. Wearable Art Mandurah reserves the right to repair, reinforce or adjust garments, to preserve the garment and ensure it can continue to function throughout the course of any performances or exhibition.
  16. For Garments to be considered for the Showcase, they need to fit the male and female sizes as per the guidelines.

4. Youth Category

Artists in the Youth category acknowledge and agree that:

  1. they will obtain their parent/guardian/authorised person’s consent to enter the competition.
  2. any prize money will be paid to the parent/guardian/ authorised person on behalf of the entrant; and
  3. the parent/guardian/authorised person will provide the City of Mandurah with a valid receipt for any prize monies.

5. International Award

The country a designer is from is determined by the country such designer is a citizen or permanent resident of, at the date of entry.

6. Paper Category Award

To be eligible for this award, garments must be made from at least 90% paper (hard materials), not including paints, inks and thread for embellishment.

7. Pre-Selection

Photographs of garments submitted for pre-selection must be presented against a plain flat coloured background with no pattern or objects that do not pertain to the fabrication of the garment. Artists must submit at least one full-length front and back photo, two side views, and two close-up views.

8. Judging

  1. Garments will not be accepted to judging without the completed and signed dressing instruction form and an electronic copy emailed to wearableart@mandurah.wa.gov.au
  2. The City/Wearable Art Mandurah will provide models for judging events. Garments will only be accepted into the showcase if deemed as safe to wear on the human body by the wardrobe team. This also hypothetically applies to paper garments.
  3. Choreography, music and creative interpretation of the garments is at the discretion of the Creative Director.
  4. The City/Wearable Art Mandurah will provide models or dancers will be provided to present the Garments on stage. Exceptions will be considered and will be at the discretion of the Creative Director.
  5. If shoes or accessories restrict movement on stage or are a safety risk, the Creative Director, at his/her discretion may choose to exclude them from the performance.
  6. If minor adjustments and repairs are needed during the showcase, wardrobe attendants will carry those out as far as possible
  7. Wardrobe attendants will be provided to dress the models and dancers. If assistance is required, Artists will be contacted directly by the wardrobe attendants.
  8. Garments need to be safe to wear, with no sharp edges and have an even weight distribution. Headpieces will have a maximum weight of 2KG with the heaviest part near or on the head.

10. Wearable Art Mandurah Exhibition

  1. The selection of Garments to be exhibited is at the sole discretion of the Gallery Curator.
  2. Garments will be presented as part of an overall concept and may, or may not, include all elements or accessories.
  3. Garments will remain in the gallery until the exhibition closing date.
  4. Some Garments may be suspended from set points within the gallery.
  5. Garments will be handled with respect and care utilising the Garment structure or with the creation of small, incidental looped stitches within the inside of the Garment.

11. Photography

  1. The City of Mandurah reserves the right to photograph entries in a variety of settings and use the subsequent images for promotional purposes.
  2. Designers grant the City a perpetual, irrevocable right to photograph, film or take other footage of their garment for the purpose of featuring or including the garment, anywhere in the world, in:
    1. advertising, promotional and marketing material of any format including but not limited to print, film and digital; and other broadcast and media formats.
    2. merchandise of any type including but not limited to programmes, clothing, posters, images.
  3. Wherever possible, the City will acknowledge the designer in any publication, merchandising and/or promotional material that contains images and/or footage of a designer’s garment.
  4. The City will photograph all finalist entries for inclusion in the Wearable art Mandurah Showcase Programme in a standard style, pose and composition directed by the City.
  5. The designer grants the City a world-wide, royalty-free, perpetual, transferable licence to use any material sent to the City for promotional, merchandising, exhibition and/or media purposes.
  6. If a designer provides the City with images owned by a third party, they must seek written consent from the owner of the images to grant the City full permission to use images under clause 9 (b).

12. Returning garments

  1. In the event you have not arranged the return of your garment after the exhibition, three attempts will be made to contact you via phone and/or email within a one month period before the garment is either disposed of or repurposed.
  2. If, after establishing initial contact with the designer, the City does not receive the required shipping information from the designer to facilitate the returns process within a one month period, the City reserves the right to remove the garment from its collection, recycling the garment where possible.
  3. The City may not be able to send your garment back in its original packaging.