Terms and Conditions


  1. "The City" means the City of Mandurah Local Government.
  2. "The Artist" means the person or persons who designed the Garment and whose name or names appear on the Application.
  3. An "Entry" is defined as one Garment that can be worn simultaneously by one to three models, and designed by an Artist and or artistic team.
  4. "The Model" means the person or persons who demonstrate the Garments and may, on occasion, be the Artist.
  5. "Garment" means any entry in this competition designed by the Artist and worn by the Model in competing for the prize money as set out and available in this competition and shall include without limitation body art, animate or inanimate objects or materials.
  6. The Artist shall provide a royalty free license to the City permitting the City to photograph and display (including for commercial gain) any photographs of the Garment.
  7. Where the Artist consists of two or more persons, payment by the City of any prize money will be deemed to have been effected and discharged by payments to any one of the persons named in the Application.
  8. Total prize money for the event is a minimum of $12,000 divided across all categories and special awards. Individual amounts for each prize may vary.
  9. The City will at its absolute discretion determine the amount of any prize to be allocated to each category.
  10. Prize money awarded in each category shall be the total amount awarded to each Artist. Any agreement as to amounts to be received between the Artist and the Model shall not be the responsibility of the City.
  11. Artists are not eligible for multiple prizes. If an Artist is the highest scorer across multiple categories and/or awards, they will be deemed to win the prize of the highest value.
  12. Advertising signs or logos will not be permitted on any Garment without prior approval in writing from the City.
  13. Garments worn by a Model must comply with perceived standards of public decency which shall include at the very least the covering of genital areas and female breast nipples.
  14. Judges, in their absolute discretion may disqualify Artists who bring the Competition into disrepute.
  15. The Artist and the City acknowledge the moral rights accorded to the Artist pursuant of the Copyright Act 1968 and nothing in these terms and conditions shall overcome any moral rights accorded to the Artist pursuant to Part IX of the Copyright Act 1968.


  1. Garments must be durable and be able to be worn up to 15 times.
  2. The Garment must not have been shown in a previous wearable art event except for the Youth and Tertiary Award where this condition does not apply.
  3. It is the Artist’s responsibility to insure their property. The City of Mandurah will not be made liable for any damages or loss of property throughout the competition.
  4. Artists are responsible for the costs of freighting their Garment to and from the required venues.
  5. The City will provide $100 AUD freight subsidy for each successfully pre-selected national or international garment submission, to be reimbursed after the main judging event.
  6. For the judging event, entrants have the option to provide their own model or have a model provided, to fit a female size 8-12 or a male size medium.
  7. Artists in the Youth category must be 18 or under on 30 June 2019.
  8. Artists in the Youth category acknowledge and agree that:
    • they will obtain their parent/guardian/authorised person’s consent to enter the competition.
    • any prize money will be paid to the parent/guardian/authorised person on behalf of the entrant; and
    • the parent/guardian/authorised person will provide the City of Mandurah with a valid receipt for any prize monies.

Wearable Art Mandurah Showcase

  1. Choreography, music and creative interpretation of the Garments is at the discretion of the Creative Director.
  2. For Garments to be considered for the Showcase, they need to fit a female size 8-12 or a male size medium.
  3. Models or dancers will be provided to present the Garments on stage. Exceptions will be considered and will be at the discretion of the Creative Director.
  4. Headwear needs to be well fitted and balanced, and remain in place with movement.
  5. If shoes or accessories restrict movement and safety on stage, the Creative Director, at his/her discretion may choose to exclude them from the performance.
  6. Wardrobe attendants will be provided to dress the models and dancers. If assistance is required the Artists will be contacted directly by the wardrobe attendants.
  7. Garments need to be safe to wear, with no sharp edges and have an even weight distribution.

Wearable Art Mandurah Exhibition

  1. The selection of Garments to be exhibited is at the sole discretion of the Gallery Curator.
  2. Exhibited Garments will be presented as part of an overall concept and may, or may not, include all elements or accessories.
  3. Exhibited Garments will remain in the gallery until the exhibition closing date
  4. Some Garments may be suspended from set points within the gallery. Garments will be handled with all respect and care utilising the Garment structure or with the creation of small, incidental looped stiches within the inside of the Garment.