Wearable Art Mandurah Winners

2018 Wearable Art Mandurah Winners

Sky & Water III winner of Artist of Year 2018

Jacq Chorlton

'Sky & Water III'

Based on M C Escher's woodcut print, Sky and Water I, this artwork has been created as an homage to the Dutch painter. Using old black corflute packaging and used printers' aluminium plate to resemble the birds and the fish that transform into each other.

presented by the City of Mandurah


Are You Thirsty? winner of Intl Artist of Year 2018

Antoaneta Tica

'Are You Thirsty?'

I'm a visual artist interested in life and movement. Especially inspired by nature, my work reflects my own approach to life, interrogating the relationship between human beings, nature and evolution through art, costume and performance. I usually revive old materials, transforming them through my specific techniques that give them new meanings.


LacusCurtivs winner of Creative Re-Use 2018

Suzette Darcey


The earth gives up all of its secrets in the colours of minerals. They are transformed, enabling us to enjoy them with such glitz and glamour. LacusCurtivs is created in all its glory capturing the dazzling essence of life. This was an amazing experience for me to achieve.

Metal Maiden Metallic Award winner 2018

Deb Hiller

'Metal Maiden'

This artwork uses armour to represent the strength and courage of women. The umbrella skirt indicates the shelter and protection given to others. The mirrored sphere is a reflection of the inner self hidden behind this armour. Soft pliable material was used to make it resemble metal.

Gaiascope Avant-Garde winner 2018

Larissa Murdock


Illustrating earth and the ecosystem co-existing with humankind. Exhibiting the ideal world where people merely support the fragility of biodiversity and maintain harmony in the natural world which is “infinitely less fragile than us, but fragile nonetheless”
Made from hemp paper tape, paper straws and Powertex.
Award presented by Onyx Hair & Beauty Crew

Takes Grit winner of Transformation category 2018

Elizabeth Morley

'Takes Grit'

Rocks, pounded by waves, break down to grit and sand, a grain of which can lodge in an oyster causing great discomfort. In defense, layer upon layer of nacre are secreted encasing the irritant, which in time grows to a pearl, magically transforming pain to a lustrous gem.

Wild Swans winner of Tertiary Student Award

Rochelle Peries

'Wild Swans'

Inspired by the character Odette, and the intersection of her humanity and swan-form. The artist examined the interaction between the moonlight human and the sensibility, shape and form of the daytime swan. Heat treatment created a crinkled vein-like effect from discarded plastic bags. The swan-head brings Odette's character to life.

Category presented by WA Fibre & Textile Association

Morphett'e Youth Award winner 2018

Oceana Piccone


Morphett'e is constructed out of plastic bags. It revolves around the concept of gender discrimination, it is neither male nor female, it is simply a creature rebelling against conformity. A being pulled from an idealistic imagination, where boundaries don’t exist, where animals and humans are one.
Award presented by Reading Cinemas Mandurah

Life Is A Jigsaw winner Gillian Kaye Peebles Youth Award 2018

Kiana Murphy

'Life Is A Jigsaw'

Living with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) this represents how I see the world.
Life is colourful, different and complicated. It's made up of so many elements yet on a daily basis I must connect the pieces of a colourful, loving world and make sense of it.

Time Travel winner of First Time Entrant 2018

Alina Stanila

'Time Travel'

Alina Stanila signature designs push the boundaries of modern textiles and knitwear technologies in an ambition to create "modern couture". Alina Stanila extravagant aesthetics combines traditional garment making techniques with a conceptual approach, each garment is individually designed and engineered using a combination of traditional and innovative textiles and yarns and extreme attention to detail and finish.

Ironland winner of Powertex Award 2018

Lynn Kennedy


Dedicated to the dramatic iron rich gorges of Karajini national park and the dominant Pindan tones of the Pilbara, copper wire was sculpted to represent the metallic walls of the deep gorges, tranquil rock pools were created with coloured resin and photographic images symbolising the ancient banded iron rock formations.

Award presented by Powertex Australia

Patches Off winner of TAFTA Inc award 2018

Jude Tupman & Marie Gallin

'Patches Off'

Celebrating the transformative, life changing work of the Fred Hollows Foundation with the patches off moment after eye surgery.
Symbolically, the headpiece depicts eye surgical instruments, the dark back view, poor vision and the brilliant contrasting front, renewed sight. Detail inspired by Benoit Mandelbrot's expression of nature's mathematical transformations.

Star Power highly commended Tertiary Student winner 2018

Kirsten Springvloed

'Star Power'

In 2015 a giant puppet girl walked Perth streets, charming all with cheekiness and spirit. Few knew her story - she fell from the stars and could see through time. Star Power considers what drives such a fantastical being....perhaps she is fashioned from toys and powered by a stellar pinwheel...

2017 Wearable Art Mandurah Winners


Marie Gallin and Jude Tupman


Australia’s flora and fauna are so important to past and present cultures. Boab represents both the natural beauty of our wildlife, and the need to respect land and culture. Embellished with twigs, nuts, feathers, nest and bark from the forest, Boab also incorporates recycled cans, plastic bottles and furniture packing.


Jacq Chorlton

'A Fish out of Water'

The Anglerfish, a feared predator of the deep. Made from plastic, the very same material that is currently choking our oceans and has become the biggest predator of our marine life. A Fish out of Water has been constructed from over 200 milk bottles.


Val Hornibrook

'Coral Bleaching'

The impact of prolonged rising water temperatures and the corals inability to cope, it expels the living algae in its tissues, causes it to turn completely white which results in what is known as coral bleaching.

Award presented by The Sebel Mandurah


Louise Wells

'Everlasting Love?'

Our “love” of bright shiny new technology, often quickly discarded, creates everlasting landfill. Our earth continues to carry this burden of waste. In future, will it even be possible to plant flowers amongst the landfill? Or will the only flowers be made from landfill contents?


Helen Coleman

'Icarus Rising'

Icarus Rising pays homage to man’s age-old dream to defy gravity and fly. The graceful frame is inspired by Da Vinci’s flying machine, while the handmade albatross flight feathers dipped in beeswax remind us of the Greek legend of Icarus.

Powertex gives the illusion of ancient bone, as though Icarus is once again flying to freedom on waxed wings.


Kristen Springvloed

'Waving Goodbye'

Kiribati will be the first country to disappear due to climate change, washed away as the seas rise.

The garment is a swell that builds and gently splashes at the last of the islanders and their history. Made mostly of soluble packing peanuts, it too can be destroyed by water.

Award presented by the Western Australian Fibre & Textile Association


Sophie Lance

'Kitchen Couture'

The huge contrast between the bright, funky form of the rubber glove when compared to its dull, boring function inspired this piece made of items from the kitchen.

Rubber gloves, microfibre cloths, steel wool and forks were combined to ensure this housewife could never be overlooked in her kitchen couture.

Award presented by Reading Cinemas Mandurah


Gem Vassallo

'Covered Media'

Using Newspapers, magazines and other media, this artwork represents what is seen and has been used in magazines and television. The “real” news is being overshadowed.

Gold paint, feathers and jewels represent the glitz and glam of advertising that wants us to see only one side of the story.




Anthozoa, meaning ‘flower animals’, celebrates the rich colours and textures of the tropical reefs of our oceans. Anemones gently wave their fronds at passing creatures from their home on the jewel-like encrusted coral reef. Tiny fish hover in the safety of the reef, glinting as the sunlight catches them.


Silver Chain, facilitated by Carol Hazel

'Sands of Time'

A spark for life shines as we reminisce our childhood memories of the aqua blue ocean, shimmery white sands, fishing, the seagulls and collecting seashells. We take pride in passing on these traditions. How the tides have changed in our generationally aging multicultural society.

Award presented by Powertex Australia


Elizabeth Morley

'Smashing Pumpkin(s)'

For over 20 years people visit the country town of Dwellingup to enjoy the Giant Pumpkin Festival. These majestic vegetables receive great care, to which we pay tribute in the detail given to leaves and flowers. The bountiful pumpkin vine has many lovely stages of development.


Catherine Kelly

'Take Flight'

Inspired by the Wright Brothers who had aspirations to fly, masking tape, wire, glue, boning and cotton were used to create a garment with a sense of flight. The feathers represent the boldness of humanity and the strength to push our boundaries up and beyond the constraints of gravity.

Award presented by the Western Australian Fibre & Textile Association