Frequently Asked Questions


The answer to those burning questions you have about wearable art, the competition, and how to stay calm on judging day!

Q: I am not sure which category to enter my garment in. Do you have any advice?

A:   You don’t need to select your category until the online submission in mid-February. By this time your garment will be complete, and as the categories are distinctly different, it should become clear where it fits. See here for full category descriptions.

Q. Can I enter my Garment in more than one category?

A. No, Garments can only be entered in one category, however they can be entered for more than one special award. If your garment wins more than one award and/or a category it will be awarded the highest value prize only. For more information see HERE

Q: Does my wearable art need to be finished by 16 December?

A: No. This deadline is only for entering the competition and payment of the fee. Photos of completed garments are due by mid-February.

Q: What happens at the pre-selection judging in March?

A: Three judges view your photos in conjunction with your artist statement. The online submission requires you to upload four photos and it is these photos that are presented to the judges – they do not view the actual garments. Successful pre-selection designers will be notified by 11 March, and invited to participate in either the Youth Judging Event (23 March) or the Main Judging Event (6 April).

As the pre-selection judging is based only on photographs, below are some hot tips:

  • Include three full length images; 1 x front, 1 x back, 1 x side
  • Include one close up image to show material detail and technique
  • Photograph your garment on a person
  • Use a plain background
  • Consider the background colour to contrast against your garment
  • Where possible, use a light source from the front rather than the back
  • File size of approx. 1MB each photo
Q: There is a lot of mystery around judging day. Could you provide an outline of what happens on judging day?

A: In addition to the Pre-Selection Judging, there are TWO judging days:

NEW: Youth Judging Event: Saturday 23 March (Youth Category, aged 18 and under)

Main Adult Judging Event: Saturday 6 April (All adult categories, aged over 18)

Designers attending either judging events:

A: Prior to judging day, you will be advised of your time slot within your category. If you have requested a model, your model will be there 90 minutes prior to your judging time. You will both be allocated a dressing room for you to dress your model, and professional hair and make-up is provided. Your model enters the judging room on her own and your garment is scored across the five criteria from one to ten. Professional photography also happens on this day.

Designers not attending the judging event:

A: A wardrobe assistant will be allocated to your garment and a trial dressing will occur the day before judging. If there are any dressing queries, your wardrobe assistant will ring and talk these through with you. The same wardrobe assistant will dress your model on judging day and ensure she is presented for professional hair, make-up, photography and judging, and pack your garment up at the end of the day.

Q: Is there anything different about the Youth Judging Event on 24 March?

A: Yes. We open the Youth Category judging room for family and friends to watch the live judging. We understand they have supported you and they will be able to sit in the audience and watch all the garments being judged. No designer names will be announced as it is still important the judging process is anonymous.

Q: How is the judging scored?

A:   Each of the five criteria are scored from one to ten, and all the scores are then added together for a total score out of fifty.

The highest score across all categories is the Wearable Art Mandurah Artist of the Year.

The five criteria are:

  • Artistic Vision
  • Creativity and Originality
  • Innovative Use of Materials
  • Quality of Craftsmanship and Construction
  • Visual Impact

You can find more details about the judging criteria HERE

Q: Is it possible to be given the measurements of my allocated model before the judging day? This would allow time to make any size adjustments before the day so the garment fits correctly

A: When you submit your photos and artist statement, you will also be asked the size of your garment. Based on this information, we will allocate a model for you. We suggest you make your garment adjustable and below are some suggestions from Julie Smith, our Wardrobe Manager:

  • Use a side zip for quick dressing and corset lacing for adjustment.
  • If you are using Velcro, ensure it is sewn on firmly.
  • Wide elastic waistbands work well.