Dressing Instructions

We require dressing instruction's for all garments that make it through to judging.

Your Dressing Instructions will stay with your garment and be used as a reference for dressing models.

Our wardrobe team has provided some suggestions for writing clear and accurate dressing instructions, along with some other wardrobe tips and tricks HERE.

Detailed, large print instructions are invaluable and colour coding or marking attachment points on garments are helpful. What makes perfect sense to you might not be clear to a wardrobe person seeing the garment for the first time. Ask someone to read your dressing instructions to see if they are clear. See the Sample Dressing Instructions for ideas.

Download your Dressing Instructions Form below, save on your desktop, then type directly into the document.

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Sample Dressing Instructions

  1. Ankle Accessories(2) - Wrap around ankles and tie to a firm but comfortable position with leather laces attached.
  2. Skirt -Position skirt firmly and using a cross lacing method, lace up the skirt at the centre back.
  3. Bodice -Adjust leather shoulder straps so the bodice sits firmly over the bust, then use buckles at the back to secure in place.
  4. Arm Bands (2) -Lace arm bands into position, threading the lace into the blue loops on the bodice.
  5. Headpiece base -Secure base in place by adjusting the strap at the back.
  6. Headpiece attachment -Slide the headpiece into the base, with the feathers facing the front

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