Judging Criteria

Our Judges are provided with the following criteria from which to judge your garments for both the Pre-Selection Submission stage, and the Judging stage of the competition.

Your garment will be judged with equal weighting across the following six criteria. You may want to consider this closely when constructing your garment.

Artistic Vision

– Articulated inspiration or narrative in your Artist Statement
– The synergy between your artwork and your Artist Statement

Creativity and Originality

– Use of traditional techniques in a non-traditional way
– The presentation of unconventional ideas

Innovative Use of Materials

– The innovation, manipulation and transformation of materials

Quality of Craftsmanship and Construction

– Excellence in form and technique


– Safety, durability and freedom of movement

Visual Impact

– Level of visual impact from all angles

Paper Category – The criteria for judging the paper category follows the same principles, however is slightly tailored toward the specifics of the medium. A copy of the Paper Category Judging Criteria will be sent to Paper participants when they enter the competition.

Showcase and Exhibition – The Judging Criteria is used when selecting prize winners. Please note that garments chosen for Showcase or Exhibition may not necessarily be chosen based on the above criteria. Wearability and durability are strongly considered when selecting garments for Showcase.