Inspiration: A Lightbulb Moment with Lisbeth Wahl

Nov 27, 2017

From humble beginnings Wearable Art Mandurah has grown to international prominence. However the emphasis is still on supporting and developing artists to create innovative and evocative artwork, no matter their skill level, background, or even where they are in the world!

2016 winner Lisbeth Wahl, from Italy, has had a lifelong fascination with pattern making and fabric techniques. Her Wearable Art Mandurah entry “Set Your Light Free” allowed her to explore her interest in the connection between humans and nature while challenging her through the new dimension of incorporating light sources into fabric.

She has reflected on her experience as an international competitor:

“Participating in Wearable Art Mandurah has been an amazing and very inspiring experience. Truly admirable the level of the organization with the spirit of growth and development both for the participants, the showcase and the whole contest of the Stretch Arts Festival intertwined within the community - with workshops during the festival and along the year. With many opportunities to meet and interact with other fellow fiber freaks and to share & exchange knowledge/ideas/passions. Personally I had such a warm welcome, feeling in good hands from the moment I started to interact. Very soon in the process I decided to go to Mandurah and BE there physically to see the commitment and the taken care of every detail, close-up. Although in Italy I continue to keenly follow the newsletter, finding inspiration to take action where I am. With the support and importance Wearable Art Mandurah is growing to have in Western Australia, I can't wait to see just how far it will have reached in 10 years from now, and I do hope I will have other occasions to participate again.”

Lisbeth has recorded her process here