Artist Statements

A bit overwhelmed by the artist statements required for the pre-selections submission? Don’t panic! Read below for a simple explanation about the difference between the artist statements, and some tips for getting them done!

  1. 100 Word Artist Statement

The 100 word artist statement is used in the judging materials for both pre-selection and main judging. It may also be used for directional signage if your garment is exhibited, such as in the CASM exhibition. The 100 word artist statement is a space for you to tell the judges, and the public, why you chose to create your garment the way that you did. It can cover your motivations, inspirations or process. However, it is NOT the materials list; that comes later. You should take this chance to tell the people looking at your garment anything pertinent that you think will assist them to interpret it.

The 100 word artist statement can be written in any form you like, such as prose or poetry. However, keep in mind that the 100 word artist statement should complement and support your garment and if the artist statement is too difficult to understand it may confuse people who are interpreting your garment; including the Judges!

Tips: The Wearable Art Mandurah team will check spelling and basic grammar for all artist statements, however, we can’t make any changes to your artist statement. So, make sure your artist's statement reads well. Check for long sentences, punctuation and misspelled words (make sure you don’t write mange when you mean manage etc). Try reading it aloud to yourself or a friend.

If you are having trouble writing your 100-word artist statement try writing some dot points about what interests you about your garment, why you chose the theme you did, and what you want a person looking at your garment to feel. Then you can expand these dot points to make your artist statement.

  1. 50 Word artist statement

Wearable Art Mandurah asks for a 50-word artist statement for use in the showcase and exhibition catalogues. The 50-word limit is firmly adhered to as there is minimal space per garment in these publications so brevity is key! Your 50-word artist statement is a brief teaser as to the meaning of your garment so stick to the key points. You can submit a shortened version of your 100-word artist statement for your 50-word artist statement, or write something completely different.

Tips: If you are having trouble writing your 50-word artist statement try explaining your garment to a friend in a single sentence. Write down what you said. This will help you identify what you feel is most important about your garment, and will most likely be about 50 words!

  1. Materials List

The materials list is also used in the judging book, as an accompaniment to the 100-word artist statement. You are welcome to simply list your materials or to give a brief explanation about why you chose to use certain materials. If you used a particular technique this is the time to make the judges aware of it.

Tips: Due to space restraints in the judging book please write lists of materials horizontally, separated by commas rather than as a vertical list e.g. glue, Sellotape, voile, lace.