2018 Successful Showcase Garments Announced

Apr 12, 2018 | Uncategorized

Congratulations to the following designers whose garments have been selected for the 2018 Wearable Art Mandurah Showcase:

Alina Stanila Time Travel
Antoaneta Tica Are you Thirsty?
Diana Kelly The Butterfly Collector
Larissa Murdock Gaiascope
Louise Wells Light in the Darkness
Meagan Howe The Masquerade
Melissa Walmsley It takes a Village to Raise a Child
Sandra Rives Mulier-Woman
Carmel Ryan NetGlitz
Deb Hiller Metal Maiden
Eugene Smalberger Galactic
Jacq Chorlton & Julie Smith Unbeaten
Jennie Abbott & Lyn Nixon The Bird Cage
Lynn Kennedy Ironland
Suzette Darcey LacusCurtivs
Boroka Kis The Sorceress
Elizabeth Morley Takes Grit
Ellen King Nature Nurturing
Fiona Harper-Harwood Evolutionary Woman
Jacq Chorlton Sky and Water III
Jo Court & Sarah Walker Deception: A Love Story
Jude Tupman & Marie Gallin Patches Off
Michelle Murphy Mirabilia
Ava Hart Plastic Fantastic
Dajeong (Jenny) Jang Fabricated to Perfection
Kiana Murphy Life is a Jigsaw
Leilani King Lupa
Oceana Piccone Morphett’e
Rose Fetwadjieff Cloudy with a Chance of Tea
Sophie Lance Corvus Anxietatem
Taylor Macdonald The Bloom
Haneen Al-Azzawe Forgotten
Jacinta McDonald Atrophy of Love
Paige Liedel Still Standing
Kirsten Springvloed Star Power
Rochelle Peries Wild Swans
Samantha Quealy Frame Perspective
Debbie Ridley Forty Four
Rosie Finucate Snowi
Alyssa Kay Internal Transparency
Whispers Progressive Garment
Jodie Davidson (WA)

Carmel Ryan (NT)

Cheryl Bridgart (SA)

Bronwyn Packwood (NT)

Stephanie Reynolds (Tas)

Sue Girak (WA)

Skrydstrup Woman

All designers who entered a garment for pre-selection are entitled to a free showcase ticket. Call the box office on 9550 3900 to claim yours and purchase tickets for your family and friends.

An accessible package is available at the Sunday Matinee performance for attendees with audio or visual impairments. More information is available.

For more information about the Showcase see HERE

See you all there!