Online Pre-Selection Submission


Congratulations on completing your garment!

Below is the Online Submission Form. As part of this process you will be able to nominate additional designers and include your artist statement and four garment photos.



How to complete your Online Submission Form

  1. To complete your online submission you will need your Artist Statement, Materials and Condensed Artist Statement. (See our Guide to Writing an Artist Statement )
  2. You will also need four photographs of your garment, full length from the front, back and side, and a close up. (See our Photography Guide for tips)
  3. Complete the Online Submission form below

If you have any problems or questions please contact us on 08 9550 3842 or

Online Submission Form


  Photography hot tips

  • Three full length images; 1 x front, 1 x back, 1 x side
  • One close up image to show material detail and technique
  • Photograph your garment on a person
  • Use a plain background
  • Consider the background colour to contrast against your garment
  • Where possible, use a light source from the front rather than the back

Each image to be a minimum of 2MB and a maximum of 5MB