Once Upon a Dream by Tash Kennedy

Oct 12, 2017 | Events, News

Wearable Art Mandurah’s 2017 winners will be presented in a theatrical storyline at the opening of the WA Regional Art Summit at the Mandurah Performing Arts Centre on 12 October.

Artistic Direction, concept and choreography is presented by Tash Kennedy, Principal of DTX Dance Studios Mandurah. The wearable art garments will be woven into the story below, supported by dancers from DTX.


Have you ever had a dream that was so real you questioned the reality of your own existence?

That was me, Florence, a dreamer - a lover of the ocean. And constantly finding myself in trouble because of my vivid imagination…

Sunbathing and admiring all of god’s beautiful creations, I drifted away to the sounds of crashing waves. That’s when the magic happened! I found myself deep underwater amongst dazzling colours and magical creatures. I never wanted to leave.

But the ocean also holds dangers. Terrified, I came face to face with the oceans most dangerous villains.

My prayers for help were answered by two beautiful creatures - one to protect me with kindness and the other full of a romance and passion beyond my wildest dreams. Swept away, he whispered “wake up”. But I didn’t want to leave, I wanted to stay in the arms of my love, my hero, my saviour. Forever!

“FLORENCE!!!!!” My Nanny screamed…. Doused in water, I awoke, startled to find myself back on the beach. Was it all a dream? That’s when I saw him. My protector and ghost of the ocean. My first love. Even if it was just a dream I’ll never forget him!

Cast and Crew:
Artistic Direction, Choreography and Concept: TASH KENNEDY, Principal DTX Dance
Projection: Joe Lui
Stage Manager: Carley White
Backstage: Tara Hall, Jane Gibson
Wardrobe: Jodie Hart, Eliya Lucks

Tash Kennedy
Ayshia Mortimer
Jazmin Krohn
Emilie Johnstone
Maher Amber Williams
Caitlin Waring
Alice Armistead
Lilly Watson
Deakin Leach
Chelsea Bowden
Ceri Menzies
Claudia Leach
Ellery Plugg
Dane Kennedy
Tayah Edwards
Maddison Hall
Ysabella Morrish
Georgia Munro
Esme Gibson
Michala Maher
Faith Jones
Jamie Bruzzese
Libby Anning
Imi Hall
Emma Dixon
Maddison Baker