Wearable Art is an artistic expression of individual, hand-made garments that highlight the skills, techniques and craftsmanship of the designer. Entry to Wearable Art Mandurah is inclusive to established and upcoming artists across all design forms, within four categories; Avant-Garde, Architectural, Oceania, Youth.

Criteria and Judging


Explore the world of wearable art by creating extravagant, revolutionary, provocative works of art on the body. Be inspired to transform artisan skills including sewing, felting, weaving, dyeing, leather tooling, beading, painting, knitting, crocheting and more into expressions of history, personal stories and a new perspective of design. Consider innovation in materials including traditional fibres and finished fabrics as well as recycled, reused and repurposed materials.

Garments will be judged with equal weighting across five criteria:

Artistic Vision

  • Articulated inspiration or narrative in your Artist Statement
  • The synergy between your artwork and your Artist Statement

Creativity and Originality

  • Use of traditional techniques in a non-traditional way
  • The presentation of unconventional ideas

Innovative Use of Materials

  • The innovation, manipulation and transformation of materials

Quality of Craftsmanship and Construction

  • Excellence in form and technique
  • Durability, safety and freedom of movement

Visual Impact

  • Level of visual impact from all angles

Artist Statement

The Artist Statement is the communication between you and the audience, describing your creative process of construction and results. It may include your personal history, symbolism, purpose or philosophy and should represent your artwork. Write in simple language and consider the relevance to the category (maximum 100 words).


  1. Your Pre-selection photographs and Artist Statement will be judged by a panel.
  2. Successful Pre-selection artists will be notified by 10 March, 2017 and listed on the website.
  3. Successful Pre-selection garments will be judged at the Final Judging on Saturday 8 April, and will be professionally photographed.
  4. Finalists will be notified by 23 April, 2017 and listed on the website.
  5. Finalist garments will feature in the Showcase events on Saturday 10 June and Sunday 11 June, 2017.

Judges Hot Tips

  • Poor quality photographs may reduce your score in the Pre-selection Judging.
  • For the Final Judging, carefully consider the overall presentation including hair, make-up, movement and choice of model.
  • Showcase garments should fit a female size 8-12 or a men’s size medium.

Photography Hot Tips

  • Three full length images; 1 x front, 1 x back, 1 x side
  • One close up image to show material detail and technique
  • Photograph your garment on a person
  • Use a plain background
  • Consider the background colour to contrast against your garment
  • Where possible, use a light source from the front rather than the back
  • File size minimum 2mb, maximum 5mb

Meet the Team

Meet our judges and showcase artistic director.

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Showcase and Exhibition


Now in its seventh year, the Wearable Art Mandurah showcase is an 80 minute multi-art form event at Mandurah Performing Art Centre, on Saturday 10 June and Sunday 11 June 2017. The Showcase introduces audiences to the creative achievements of wearable art within a theatrical staging featuring dancers, musicians, singers and models.

Successful Pre-selection artists will receive a complimentary ticket to the Showcase.


A selection of garments will be exhibited at the Alcoa Mandurah Art Gallery or Contemporary Arts Spaces Mandurah from 04 August to 03 September 2017.

Categories and Awards


There are five categories, with more than $8,000 in cash and prizes across twelve awards.

  1. Avant-Garde - $800 cash prizeChallenge the status quo and what is accepted as the norm. Be ahead of your time!Consider the experimental treatment of materials, techniques, ideas and new artistic methods.
  2. Architectural - $800 cash prizeBe inspired by the art and science of aesthetically beautiful buildings or physical structures.Consider architecture for the human form, a series of design principles or the influences of famous buildings or landmarks. Think about materials, shape, symmetry, formation, design, colour and structure.
  3. Oceania - $800 cash prizeCreate a wearable work of art that celebrates the rich culture and identity of the many countries and islands of the tropical Pacific Ocean. Consider the diversity of people, myths, flora, fauna or lifestyles. This geographic region comprises Australia, Papua New Guinea and all the Pacific Islands.
  4. Youth presented by Reading Cinemas Mandurah - $500 cash prizeOpen to artists 18 years and under, with no themes or boundaries.
  5. Tertiary Student Award presented by WA Fibre and Textile Association (WAFTA) - $800 cash prize, plus one free WAFTA annual membershipThe Tertiary Student Award presented by WAFTA is for students registered at universities, TAFE institutions or government approved registered training organisations any time between 1 July 2016 and 30 June 2017. Includes 2016 graduate students.

Special Awards

Wearable Art Artist of the Year Award - $1200 cash prize

The artist with the highest score across all categories will earn the prestigious title of Wearable Art Artist of the Year.

TAFTA Inc Award

Use of traditional fibres or textiles in an original and creative way. The TAFTA Inc Award is a residential workshop at the 2017 Geelong Fibre Forum, valued at $1,100 AUD.

First-time Entrant Award - Large World of Wearable Art Book

All first-time entrants are eligible.

Creative Reuse Award - $800 cash prize

Reuse discarded objects or material to create a product of higher quality or value than the original. Requires a minimum of 80% repurposed materials.

Gillian Kaye Peebles Youth Award - $500 cash prize

Open to artists 18 years and under, with no themes or boundaries.

Powertex Award presented by Powertex Australia

Requires one or more Powertex products incorporated into the garment. The Powertex Award is products to the value of $500 AUD.

Tertiary Student Highly Commended Award presented by WA Fibre and Textile Association (WAFTA) - One free workshop attendance, plus one free WAFTA annual membership

This award is for students registered at universities, TAFE institutions or government approved registered training organisations any time between 1 July 2016 and 30 June 2017. Includes 2016 graduate students.

Artists are not eligible for multiple prizes. If an artist is the highest scorer across multiple categories and/or awards, they will be deemed to win the prize of the highest value.

2017 Wearable Art Winners

Marie Gallin and Jude Tupman


Australia’s flora and fauna are so important to past and present cultures. Boab represents both the natural beauty of our wildlife, and the need to respect land and culture. Embellished with twigs, nuts, feathers, nest and bark from the forest, Boab also incorporates recycled cans, plastic bottles and furniture packing.

Jacq Chorlton

'A Fish out of Water'

The Anglerfish, a feared predator of the deep. Made from plastic, the very same material that is currently choking our oceans and has become the biggest predator of our marine life. A Fish out of Water has been constructed from over 200 milk bottles.

Val Hornibrook

'Coral Bleaching'

The impact of prolonged rising water temperatures and the corals inability to cope, it expels the living algae in its tissues, causes it to turn completely white which results in what is known as coral bleaching.

Award presented by The Sebel Mandurah

Louise Wells

'Everlasting Love?'

Our “love” of bright shiny new technology, often quickly discarded, creates everlasting landfill. Our earth continues to carry this burden of waste. In future, will it even be possible to plant flowers amongst the landfill? Or will the only flowers be made from landfill contents?

Helen Coleman

'Icarus Rising'

Icarus Rising pays homage to man’s age-old dream to defy gravity and fly. The graceful frame is inspired by Da Vinci’s flying machine, while the handmade albatross flight feathers dipped in beeswax remind us of the Greek legend of Icarus.

Powertex gives the illusion of ancient bone, as though Icarus is once again flying to freedom on waxed wings.

Kristen Springvloed

'Waving Goodbye'

Kiribati will be the first country to disappear due to climate change, washed away as the seas rise.

The garment is a swell that builds and gently splashes at the last of the islanders and their history. Made mostly of soluble packing peanuts, it too can be destroyed by water.

Award presented by the Western Australian Fibre & Textile Association

Sophie Lance

'Kitchen Couture'

The huge contrast between the bright, funky form of the rubber glove when compared to its dull, boring function inspired this piece made of items from the kitchen.

Rubber gloves, microfibre cloths, steel wool and forks were combined to ensure this housewife could never be overlooked in her kitchen couture.

Award presented by Reading Cinemas Mandurah

Gem Vassallo

'Covered Media'

Using Newspapers, magazines and other media, this artwork represents what is seen and has been used in magazines and television. The “real” news is being overshadowed.

Gold paint, feathers and jewels represent the glitz and glam of advertising that wants us to see only one side of the story.



Anthozoa, meaning ‘flower animals’, celebrates the rich colours and textures of the tropical reefs of our oceans. Anemones gently wave their fronds at passing creatures from their home on the jewel-like encrusted coral reef. Tiny fish hover in the safety of the reef, glinting as the sunlight catches them.

Silver Chain, facilitated by Carol Hazel

'Sands of Time'

A spark for life shines as we reminisce our childhood memories of the aqua blue ocean, shimmery white sands, fishing, the seagulls and collecting seashells. We take pride in passing on these traditions. How the tides have changed in our generationally aging multicultural society.

Award presented by Powertex Australia

Elizabeth Morley

'Smashing Pumpkin(s)'

For over 20 years people visit the country town of Dwellingup to enjoy the Giant Pumpkin Festival. These majestic vegetables receive great care, to which we pay tribute in the detail given to leaves and flowers. The bountiful pumpkin vine has many lovely stages of development.

Catherine Kelly

'Take Flight'

Inspired by the Wright Brothers who had aspirations to fly, masking tape, wire, glue, boning and cotton were used to create a garment with a sense of flight. The feathers represent the boldness of humanity and the strength to push our boundaries up and beyond the constraints of gravity.

Award presented by the Western Australian Fibre & Textile Association

How to Enter

Step 1

Application entries opened 3 July 2016 (WST) and close 4pm, 16 December 2016 (WST)
Early bird fee: Architectural / Avant-Garde / Oceania $35, Youth $10
Early bird closing date is 4pm, 31 October, 2016 (WST)
Standard fee: Architectural / Avant-Garde / Oceania $45, Youth $10

Step 2

Pre-selection Submission
Opening date is 19 December, 2016 (WST) and closes 4pm, 20 February, 2017 (WST).
Submission requirements;

  1. Four high quality photographs of your completed garment
  2. 100 word Artist Statement of your completed garment

Step 3

Garment Submission
Successful Pre-selection Artists should bring their completed garment to the Final Judging on 08 April 2017.
Artists unable to attend the Final Judging should ensure their garment is received by 4pm Tuesday 4 April, 2017 (WST).

Final Judging and garment delivery location is: City of Mandurah, 3 Peel St Mandurah, Western Australia 6210 AUSTRALIA.

National and International Artists unable to attend the Final Judging will receive a garment freight subsidy of $100 AUD.

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