Wearable Art Events

Creative Reuse for 18 Years & Under | September & October

Are you curious about wearable art but need guidance?

Join 2017 Wearable Art Mandurah finalist Jodie Davidson as she presents many practical instructions and ideas, including:
Inspiration to clear the blank canvas and find that starting point

  • Practical play using repurposed materials
  • How to make your wearable art count this year using scale, colour, texture, repetition and rhythm
  • Application clarification and criteria, including valuable tips on what the judges are looking for.

Do you need inspiration?

Spend time at our ‘inspiration station’ full of books, images, DVD’s and wearable art ideas to ignite your imagination.

About Jodie Davidson

Jodie is a multidisciplinary visual artist with a varied practice combining the natural environment and urban development. She has worked with community groups in city and regional areas promoting creative ‘play’ to find inspiration. She uses predominantly recycled and natural materials in sculpture, textiles, illustration and writing to produce artwork that reinforces her belief in sustainability.


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Wednesday 27 September 12.30 – 4.30 pm – Concept development, planning and design
Tuesday 3 October 12.30 – 4.30 pm Construction
Wednesday 4 and October 10.00 am – 4 pm – Construction


Falcon eLibrary and Community Centre
Cnr Flavia Street and Cobblers Avenue Falcon

Free for 18 and under

Wearable Art: Creating Sculpture | Saturday 23rd September

Wearable Art: Creating Sculpture | Saturday 23rd September

This workshop focusses on building structure and foundation and explores methods of construction.

In the design process, the creation of wearable art needs to consider but not be constrained by certain practicalities – balance, safety, durability, fit.

You will get a chance to explore different materials and production techniques and begin to understand how your own work might take shape.

Bookings Essential

Saturday 23rd September from 10am to 4.00pm

Kanga Paws Workshops

The Old Police Station, 45 Henderson Street, Fremantle, WA 6160




WAFTA @ Wearable Art Mandurah 2018 with Louise Wells, winner Avant Garde | Saturday 30th September

WAFTA @ Wearable Art Mandurah 2018 with Louise Wells, winner Avant Garde.

Would you like to enter Wearable Art Mandurah in 2018?

Says Louise: “I have loved being a part of this competition over the past four years, making lots of great friendships in this wonderful community of designers, and there are many, many opportunities to have your work shown. It’s going to be loads of fun! I hope you can join us, places are filling fast!”

Along with making her own garment for the 2018 competition, Louise is running a five month long – one day per month program WAFTA @ Wearable Art 2018, starting 30th September. This program will move step-by-step through the processes and challenges to create and enter your work in the upcoming 2018 competition. Louise is going to share her successes and disasters!

The program will cover:

  • Concept development
  • Material choices
  • Tips and techniques
  • Judging criteria
  • Mentoring and instruction
  • Pre-selection photography
  • Artist statements

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Suitable for Beginners, Tertiary Students, Groups (1 or 2 people) and Individuals.

Foam Fabrication for Costume | Sunday 8th October

Foam Fabrication for Costume

This workshop introduces different types of foam and their use in costume and prop making.

After exploring the properties of each, students will progress through the various stages of foam construction from shaping, moulding, bonding, sewing, laminating, detailing and finishing.

We will look at adhesives, paints and fabric finishing and get your hands on working, shaping and fabricating your own piece to help you understand how this course applies to your own projects.

Bookings Essential

Sunday 8th October from 10am to 4.00pm

Kanga Paws Workshops

The Old Police Station, 45 Henderson Street, Fremantle, WA 6160




Creating Sculptural Forms | Saturday 28th October

Wearable Art at Powertex with Ashley Hay

This workshop will explore a range of innovative techniques for creating extravagant sculptural forms and incredible textures in wearable art, using the Powertex medium.

During this full day workshop you will create a wearable art piece for part of the body, experimenting with Powertex liquid sculpting medium, polypipe, Styrofoam, cardboard, fabric, paper, alfoil and masking tape. Come along and be inspired… get hands on and go home armed with ideas!!! Includes Colourtrix metallic effects.


From the attendees at the 2016 workshop, three were 2017 Wearable Art Mandurah winners!

Here’s what they had to say:

Helen Coleman, winner Architectural: Last year I knew what I wanted to make for Wearable Art, but not how to do it. By the time I had finished Ash’s Powertex workshop I had the techniques I needed to create Icarus Rising.

Carol Hazel, facilitator of Silver Chain, winner Powertex Award: It is versatile and easy to use. Ashley covered many techniques in the workshop which proved valuable in the making of Sands of Time.

Marie Gallin, winner (with Jude Tupman) Wearable Art Mandurah Artist of the Year: Thank you, Ash, for so generously sharing your creativity and experience with us all.[/box]


Bookings Essential

Saturday, October 28 from 9am to 4.30pm

Powertex Australia

230 Safety Bay Road, Safety Bay (Behind Zocalo Mexican Restaurant)

Materials Cost*
$35 for Registered Wearable Art Mandurah entrants

$45 for Non-participants

This workshop is now closed for registration.

*The facilitation of this workshop is sponsored by Powertex Australia – the only cost is for materials. Regular workshop and materials fee would normally be $150 per person.

All materials and tools supplied by Powertex Australia. www.powertex.com.au


Making Wire Structures: Headwear Art | Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th November

Making Wire Structures: Headwear Art

Have you ever wanted to make a showgirl style headdress but don’t know where to start? This is exactly the workshop you’ve been looking for!

Come along and be guided through the construction process as you learn to make and decorate a basic wire headdress frame.

Throughout the 2 day workshop participants will learn to explore wire-bending techniques and soldering processes.

This workshop will up-skill your technical abilities so you can confidently create any headdress of your own design.

Bookings Essential

Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th November


Great Southern Workshops

Porongurup Hall, Porongurup Road, Porongurup, Western Australia

$295 + $48 material fee


2017 Wearable Art Winners

2017: Boab by Marie Gallin and Jude Tupman

Marie Gallin and Jude Tupman


Australia’s flora and fauna are so important to past and present cultures. Boab represents both the natural beauty of our wildlife, and the need to respect land and culture. Embellished with twigs, nuts, feathers, nest and bark from the forest, Boab also incorporates recycled cans, plastic bottles and furniture packing.

2017: A Fish Out of Water by Jacq Chorlton

Jacq Chorlton

‘A Fish out of Water’

The Anglerfish, a feared predator of the deep. Made from plastic, the very same material that is currently choking our oceans and has become the biggest predator of our marine life. A Fish out of Water has been constructed from over 200 milk bottles.

2017: Coral Bleaching by Val Hornibrook

Val Hornibrook

‘Coral Bleaching’

The impact of prolonged rising water temperatures and the corals inability to cope, it expels the living algae in its tissues, causes it to turn completely white which results in what is known as coral bleaching.

Award presented by The Sebel Mandurah

2017: Everlasting Love by Louise-Wells

Louise Wells

‘Everlasting Love?’

Our “love” of bright shiny new technology, often quickly discarded, creates everlasting landfill. Our earth continues to carry this burden of waste. In future, will it even be possible to plant flowers amongst the landfill? Or will the only flowers be made from landfill contents?

2017: Icarus Rising by Helen Coleman

Helen Coleman

‘Icarus Rising’

Icarus Rising pays homage to man’s age-old dream to defy gravity and fly. The graceful frame is inspired by Da Vinci’s flying machine, while the handmade albatross flight feathers dipped in beeswax remind us of the Greek legend of Icarus.

Powertex gives the illusion of ancient bone, as though Icarus is once again flying to freedom on waxed wings.

2017: Waving Goodbye by Kristen Springvloed

Kristen Springvloed

‘Waving Goodbye’

Kiribati will be the first country to disappear due to climate change, washed away as the seas rise.

The garment is a swell that builds and gently splashes at the last of the islanders and their history. Made mostly of soluble packing peanuts, it too can be destroyed by water.

Award presented by the Western Australian Fibre & Textile Association

2017: Kitchen Couture by Sophie Lance

Sophie Lance

‘Kitchen Couture’

The huge contrast between the bright, funky form of the rubber glove when compared to its dull, boring function inspired this piece made of items from the kitchen.

Rubber gloves, microfibre cloths, steel wool and forks were combined to ensure this housewife could never be overlooked in her kitchen couture.

Award presented by Reading Cinemas Mandurah

2017: Covered Media by Gem Vassallo

Gem Vassallo

‘Covered Media’

Using Newspapers, magazines and other media, this artwork represents what is seen and has been used in magazines and television. The “real” news is being overshadowed.

Gold paint, feathers and jewels represent the glitz and glam of advertising that wants us to see only one side of the story.

2017: Anthozoa by Svenja



Anthozoa, meaning ‘flower animals’, celebrates the rich colours and textures of the tropical reefs of our oceans. Anemones gently wave their fronds at passing creatures from their home on the jewel-like encrusted coral reef. Tiny fish hover in the safety of the reef, glinting as the sunlight catches them.

2017: Sands of Time by Silver Chain

Silver Chain, facilitated by Carol Hazel

‘Sands of Time’

A spark for life shines as we reminisce our childhood memories of the aqua blue ocean, shimmery white sands, fishing, the seagulls and collecting seashells. We take pride in passing on these traditions. How the tides have changed in our generationally aging multicultural society.

Award presented by Powertex Australia

2017: Smashing Pumpkin(s) by Elizabeth Morley

Elizabeth Morley

‘Smashing Pumpkin(s)’

For over 20 years people visit the country town of Dwellingup to enjoy the Giant Pumpkin Festival. These majestic vegetables receive great care, to which we pay tribute in the detail given to leaves and flowers. The bountiful pumpkin vine has many lovely stages of development.

2017: Take Flight by Catherine Kelly

Catherine Kelly

‘Take Flight’

Inspired by the Wright Brothers who had aspirations to fly, masking tape, wire, glue, boning and cotton were used to create a garment with a sense of flight. The feathers represent the boldness of humanity and the strength to push our boundaries up and beyond the constraints of gravity.

Award presented by the Western Australian Fibre & Textile Association