Freighting your garment

The following information is for designers from outside of Western Australia. If you are attending the youth judging on 27 August 2021, or the main adult judging event on 28 August 2021, please bring your garment with you.

Freighted garments are due by 4pm on Monday 9 August 2021 for the judging. Designers are responsible for garment freighting costs to and from the City of Mandurah, either by courier or in person.

Packaging your garment

  • Pack your garments in a secure and safe way.
  • Ensure your garment is well constructed and able to withstand the rigours of transportation and repeated wearing during judging, rehearsals and shows.
  • Label all items with your name, contact phone number, category and the number of items e.g. 1 of 2 , 2 of 2
  • Include detailed dressing instructions. Advice for writing dressing instructions is available here
  • Include clear photographs of the garment including full length photo of the front and back of the completed, assembled garment on a mannequin or model


  • When returning your garment, state the specified value for the freight documentation
  • Within Australia: If you do not have a preference for a courier company when returning the garments, they will be returned via Australia Post marked 'Receiver to Pay'. This option allows you to pay and collect your garment from your nearest Australia Post Office. Australia Post charge an additional fee for this service.
  • Australia Post use cubic measurements for boxes, which can be expensive. A padded bag or package is charged by weight and is less expensive.

Freight subsidy

  • The City will provide $100 AUD freight subsidy for each successfully pre-selected National or International garment submission.
  • The subsidy will be reimbursed to you via your bank account once we have received your garment. Bank details can be completed on the online Freighting Your Garment form.

Freighting your garment form

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