Showcase and In the Fold

Get ready for a Wearable Art Mandurah extravaganza!

Step Four: Showcase and In the Fold Paper Category Exhibition highlight some of the best garments from the competition.

Step Four: Showcase and In the Fold Exhibition

As part of the Mandurah Arts Festival, Wearable Art Mandurah presents the Showcase, which shows the garments onstage in an amazing theatrical performance, and In the Fold Paper Category Exhibition!

If your garment is chosen to appear at either event, you will also be invited to attend. Your garment will be dropped off to the Wearable Art Mandurah team who will manage dressing, styling and all presentation aspects of the garment.

In 2022, Showcase and In the Fold will take place over the weekend of 14-16 October, at Mandurah Performing Arts Centre and Alcoa Mandurah Art Gallery.


Showcase will take place at Mandurah Performing Arts Centre’s Boardwalk Theatre, with 2-3 performances over the weekend.

The Showcase is creatively directed and choreographed by an Artistic Director appointed by Wearable Art Mandurah, who may use a variety of performative techniques to create a cohesive show. Garments may be presented in a slightly altered manner from their original vision for the sake of safety or performance quality, although no major changes to garments will be made without consultation with the designer.

The first performance will include the Awards Ceremony, where we announce all the prize winners. If your garment is presented at Showcase we encourage you to attend in the event that you win an award!

Tickets for Showcase will go on sale in the weeks before the event.

In the Fold Paper Category Exhibition

The In the Fold Paper Category Exhibition will be held at the Alcoa Mandurah Art Gallery (Mandurah Performing Arts Centre), opening on the same weekend as the Showcase. This exhibition will present 8-10 garments from the Paper Category (including the category winner, to be announced at the Exhibition opening) in a way showcases the fragility and resilience of paper as a medium.

The exhibition will be curated and installed by the Wearable Art Mandurah team. Extra materials and photographs related to the process of creating your garment may be requested.

What happens next?

After Showcase some garments will be returned to designers, however others may be stored for the Wearable Art Mandurah Exhibition.