The final element of the Wearable Art Mandurah competition

Step Five: The Wearable Art Mandurah Exhibition at CASM shows a selection of garments up-close

Step Five: Wearable Art Mandurah Exhibition

The final activation in the Wearable Art Mandurah competition is the Exhibition, held at Contemporary Art Spaces Mandurah (CASM). The Exhibition provides the opportunity for the public to inspect garments up-close and in detail.

The Wearable Art Mandurah Exhibition is held early in the year following Showcase, typically opening in February.


Garments for the Exhibition are chosen in collaboration with the Gallery Coordinator at CASM. The Exhibition features all prize winners from the competition, and a selection of 15-20 other garments from Judging. Some garments chosen for the Exhibition may not have been present at Showcase, and vice versa.

The Exhibition runs for approximately 8-10 weeks, during which there will be workshops and Artist Talks on offer. The Exhibition Launch event will also be open for all to attend.

More information and confirmed dates will be announced later in 2022.

What happens next?

Time to do it all again! By the time the Exhibition opens, entries will be open for the 2023 competition.

With the permission of the designers, some garments may be held onto by Wearable Art Mandurah after the Exhibition for other events and activitions.