Enter the Competition

So, you want to create revolutionary works of art on the body?

Step One: Enter the competition, pay the fee and start creating!

Step One: Enter the Competition

Welcome to Wearable Art Mandurah!

The first step in entering the competition is also the easiest – you just need to tell us about yourself, decide which category to enter and pay the entry fee.

You don’t need to submit any drawings, photographs or information about your garment at this stage of the competition. We just need to know about you!

Entries for the 2022 competition have now closed. 

Information about the 2023 competition will be released later in the year.

Entry Form

The entry form is accessible below

While you’re preparing, here is a list of the kinds of questions we will ask you in the entry form:

  • Full name and contact details.
  • Full name and contact details of any creative partners.
  • For Youth and/or Tertiary: Contact details of the teacher helping you and/or your parent/guardian.
  • Your history entering the competition.
  • The Category you would like to enter (see Categories and Prizes for more information).
  • Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions.

Entry Fee

The entry fees for the 2022 competition are:

Adult: $60.00

Tertiary: $30.00

Youth: $20.00

For your entry fee, all designers who submit a garment receive:

  • Access to all online resources created to help Wearable Art Mandurah Designers.
  • Discount codes for some Wearable Art Mandurah events such as workshops.
  • Written feedback from the Judges on their Pre-Selection Submission.

Please note that the entry fee is non-refundable under all circumstances, except in the case of competition cancellation.

What happens next?

Once you’ve entered the competition, start designing! You have until the end of the Pre-Selection Submission period to finish your garment and get it ready to submit for consideration.